Für echte Bastler!

Pieter aus Holland hat mich auf ein Angebot in Ebay aufmerksam gemacht!

Vintage GN Riley Austin 7 Amilcar Frazer VSCC Special on eBay

Man hat ja gerade den Eindruck die Engländer leeren ihre Garagen(schätze)!

Dabei handelt es sich um ein Fahrzeug das ein besonderer Special werden sollte.


Die Beschreibung auf Ebay dazu:

For sale is a GN /Riley 9 /Austin 7/ Amilcar project which is VSCC eligible. It was built in order to produce a sporting car with a good power to weight ratio while retaining easily available and inexpensive components. To this end I chose Austin 7 running gear and a Riley 9 engine . It comprises a GN replica chassis, front and rear Austin axles and a Nine engine. . At the front end is an Austin 7 front axle which has been adapted so that it has ¼ elliptical springing and a set of Hartford dampers set up in similar style to a GN . I had thought about going over to a tubular front axle like the GN but time and other projects have led to the project being shelved for the time being. There is however no real reason why you could not change over to one as long as it retains 3/5 original key components eg Engine, Box and rear axle.. The GN chassis is a replica but is accepted as a replacement by the VSCC. It has original dimensions. This is an additional rear cross member in the chassis where the rear torque tube axle is located which is bolted in position. The Riley Nine engine is a 1930/1 engine No 228XXX which I have had waiting for an appropriate project for some years and has been stripped and cleaned awaiting rebuilding. It is difficult to show all the bits but they are there although I have thrown away things like the valves springs pistons etc as they needed replacing., included is a complete flywheel and clutch . The engine block is currently fitted with its cross bar into the car and the body located so that I can check all is going to plan. It appears complete but does not have starter, sparks or dyno. I have fixed the rear axle in place again with ¼ elliptical springing and located the torque tube at the front. There is a prop shaft and Austin 7 four speed box to go into the car. At this point I have not yet sorted out mateing up the gearbox and engine but don’t see it as a particular issue. The easy alterative is to fit a Silent third box and shorten the propshaft. As you can see from the pictures the brakes are Austin 7 and so are cable operated. I have started to look at the brake cross shaft which can be a standard A7 item if I had one but time and other commitments suggest that I will not get round to finishing the car for a couple or 5 years. I have built this car with power to weight in mind and am confident that the 7 components will cope with the power of the Nine engine and it will weigh little more than a 7.

On the top of all this is an aluminium Amilcar body which I tripped over and thought